A Letter from the Past 

Fiction / 48 minutes / Israel / 2011

It took the letter 28 years to arrive from Berlin, East Germany, to Tel-Aviv, Israel. But what troubles Menachem is the content of the letter. He's afraid to find out what his brother, with whom he has had no contact for 40 years, might have written there.

With the help of Moshe, his neighbor, Menachem dares to confront a secret that's been haunting him since his adolescence. A secret, born out of a decision he made during World War II. A decision that changed his life. And now, Menachem finds that another horrible decision is yet ahead.


Directed by: Ofer Zingerman 

Cinemaotography: Lior Peri 

Screenplay by: Ofer Zingerman

Editor: Shira Arad

Music by: Asaaf Rinde

Production: Cassis Films

Cast: Gedalia Besser, Yossi Graber, Sarah Adler, Gera Sandler