The Impure

68 minutes / Israel - Argentina / Spanish, Hebrew, Yiddish / 2017

Thousands of Jewish women were brought to Argentinian brothels from Eastern Europe in the early 20th century. Their pimps, also Jewish, were regarded as "impure" by the "normative" Jewish community. So were the unfortunate women. Through his own family story, the director unveils the complex relationship between the women trafficking organizations and the rest of the Jewish community which was deeply ashamed by their co-religionists activities while enjoying their economic riches. 


Director: Daniel Najenson    

Script: Daniel Najenson, Malen Azzam, Tal Shefi      

Editor: Tal Shefi,  Marisa Montes     

Cinematographer: Carla Stella, Idan Glikzelig 

Original Music: Leonardo Drago, Heber Schaff

Producers: Rodolfo Durán,  Shlomo Slutzky,  Yael Abecassis & Hillel Roseman

World Sales: Go2Films

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