Kaparot Sababa C'est Tout 

Documentary / 50 minutes / Israel / 2012

For 10 years Ehud Segev documented Yom Kippur - the Jewish holy day of Atonement and one of the most fascinating phenomena pertaining to Jewish culture. He found Yom Kippur's points of similarity with Israelism: kaparot ritual ceremonies, pre-fast meals, streets full of cyclists and filming in a synagogue for which the director is reprimanded. In direct opposition thereto, there are the trance parties, produced by Guta, Yohai, Batzal and Carmi every Yom Kippur in the Jezreel Valley. Ehud Segev offers a fresh look at one of the greatest taboos of our culture while exposing points of similarity with his own personal story.


Directed by: Ehud Segev

Cinematography: Ehud Segev

Editing: Itai Onik

Music by: Israel Bright

Production: Cassis Films and Tal Segev Production.